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Gamut currently controls lighting at over 500 shopping centers around the country. We help our customers save on average 10% by just making sure lights are off when the sun is shining.

Discover How Lighting Controls Lit the Way to Greener, More Efficient Kimco Retail Spaces

Gamut Systems & Solutions, in collaboration with MCI, embarked on a significant initiative to manage utility costs and reduce the environmental footprint for Kimco Realty Corporation. Kimco, a large real estate investment trust, faced the challenge of reducing energy consumption across its vast portfolio of 160 sites in 25 states, encompassing over 800 shopping centers and approximately 51 million square feet of parking area.

Kimco 2.jpg

Figure 1: Kimco Property at 280 Metro Center, Colma CA.

Project Overview

The initiative, known as the Property Gateway Building Controls Initiative ("Gateway"), aimed to improve focus on the reduction of shopping center utility costs and to support goals to minimize environmental impact. The project focused on upgrading lighting controls to achieve substantial energy savings.


The primary goal was to reduce lighting energy usage across Kimco’s portfolio by implementing advanced lighting controls. With each facility averaging more than 200,000 kWh in annual energy usage, the project targeted significant reductions to contribute to sustainability goals.


Keys to the project's success included a comprehensive approach involving:

  1. Partnership with MCI: Teaming up with MCI, a Charlotte, NC-based national vendor, Kimco was able to leverage Gamut's experience and turnkey services for a successful Gateway program. This partnership covered site assessment, system design, installation, and ongoing support.

  2. Technology Upgrade: Most sites were upgraded with Gamut’s wireless technology, resulting in significant energy savings. The upgrades also provided the ability to efficiently modify lighting system operational changes when needed due to a variety of factors.

Kimco 3.png

Figure 2: Kimco Property in Jacksonville FL. Credit: Handout

Overall Performance
The Gateway program not only achieved energy savings but also improved operational effectiveness. The system enhancements included security and safety features, such as automatic notifications for electrical issues and power outages. Kimco management reported satisfaction with the outcomes, highlighting the convenience for property managers to manage lighting controls remotely.
Energy Savings
On average, sites achieved savings of 10-20%, influenced by site-specific security needs and retailer operating hours.  “We are also growing our lighting retrofit efforts but decided to first focus significant effort on lighting controls”, Nate Mitten, Manager of Energy Services for Kimco.  The projects typically saw a simple payback period of 2-4 years, based solely on energy savings, not accounting for the added benefits of improved security and operational efficiency. The program's success was attributed to the careful selection of system design and implementation processes, which gained momentum over time.

Kimco Realty Corporation’s extensive lighting efficiency project, facilitated by Gamut Systems & Solutions and MCI, demonstrates a scalable and effective approach to energy management across a large portfolio of retail centers. By focusing on lighting controls, Kimco not only reduced its energy consumption and environmental footprint but also enhanced security and operational efficiency across its sites. The project serves as a model for other organizations seeking to achieve similar energy efficiency and sustainability objectives.

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