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Shining A Light On Efficiency

Discover how Gamut Systems & Solutions revolutionized energy efficiency at ABC Liquor, slashing costs and fostering sustainability through innovative control upgrades.

ABC Liquor's Transformation Through Smart Energy Solutions

Gamut Systems & Solutions embarked on a significant initiative to manage utility costs and reduce the environmental footprint of two ABC Liquor Stores in South Florida.


Figure 1. Photo of ABC Liquors, Orlando FL.

Project Overview

The project's goals included reducing energy consumption, lowering energy costs, and improving physical security. It focused on upgrading exterior lighting and air conditioning controls to achieve substantial energy savings.


The primary goal was to reduce lighting energy usage in the target stores by implementing advanced lighting controls. This involved reducing local override control with precise schedules and utilizing automated dawn/dusk controls. Energy data was collected at each store six weeks before installation, and results were extrapolated from an appropriate test period based on hours of operation and changes in ambient temperature.


Keys to the project's success included a comprehensive approach involving:

  1. Optimizing exact schedules with appropriate after-hours thermostat setbacks.

  2. Managing exterior lights with automatic dusk-to-dawn control and eliminating local mechanical clocks that were easy to override, resulting in substantial unnecessary usage.

  3. Upgrading stores with current technology, resulting in significant energy savings and more effective control of lighting systems.

Gamut Case Study_ABC.png

Table ES1. Savings Summary by Site

Overall Performance
The automation program achieved energy savings and improved operational effectiveness. Enhancements included better physical security and safety features, such as automatic notifications for electrical issues and power outages.
Energy Savings
A table summarizes the savings observed at each store for both lighting and HVAC systems, extrapolated from the test period using annual hours of operation (for lighting) and changes in annual ambient temperature (for HVAC).

Based on the comparison of energy costs from the baseline period, the ABC stores realized annual energy savings of $5,311 at Store #4 and $8,664 at Store #25. This initiative not only reduced store energy consumption and environmental footprint but also enhanced security and operational efficiency at each location, serving as a model for other organizations seeking to achieve similar energy efficiency and sustainability objectives.

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