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Energy Efficiency Your Way: BK's Sustainable Solutions

Discover how our P1800 System dramatically reduced energy consumption across Burger King locations, lighting the path to sustainability and savings.

Serving Up Efficiency in Burger King Corporate Restaurants with Gamut Systems & Solutions

In 2002, Burger King corporate executives gathered at their headquarters to explore Gamut Systems' innovative cellular technology. The technology promised web-based control of restaurant lighting and energy management, aiming to deliver significant improvements in energy efficiency and physical security across over 600 corporate locations in the USA.

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Project Overview

The project's ambition was to harness this technology to achieve 10-20% annual savings in heating, air conditioning, and lighting electricity costs, thereby enhancing margins within Burger King's restaurant business units.


A pilot project was launched at five corporate locations in Florida to validate the technology's benefits. An independent energy consultant was engaged to ensure unbiased results, collecting data to establish a baseline before and after implementing Gamut's technology.


Special monitoring equipment tracked energy usage over four weeks at each restaurant to establish benchmarks. Following the deployment of Gamut's technology, the analysis showed a notable reduction in energy consumption for both lighting and HVAC systems.


The pilot demonstrated an average 25% reduction in lighting energy consumption and a 14% reduction in HVAC energy consumption across the tested locations. The combination of savings results and lower installation costs, without the need for complex "trunk" wiring or dedicated phone lines/IP addresses, highlighted a strong return on investment. Additionally, Gamut's ability to remotely diagnose issues facilitated centralized management and reduced service calls.

Key Outcomes
  • Burger King #13152, Miami, FL: Installation of the P1800 system led to a 66 kWh/day decrease in HVAC energy use, equating to annual savings of 23,407 kWh (14.5%) and a 26 kWh/day reduction in exterior lighting, totaling 8,611 kWh/year (22% savings). Combined, this location saw over 90 kWh/day reduction, nearly 33,000 kWh/year.
  • Burger King #13121, Miami, FL: Focused on exterior lighting, showing an 80 kWh/day reduction with the P1800 System, resulting in a 28,376 kWh/year decrease, a 35% reduction.
  • Burger King #4982, North Lauderdale, FL: Achieved a 60.8 kWh/day drop in HVAC energy usage post-P1800 installation, a 13.3% annual saving. Lighting control data was inconclusive due to manual overrides.
  • Burger King #51, Miami, FL: Exterior lighting consumption fell by over 50 kWh/day with the P1800 System, leading to an 18,550 kWh/year reduction, or 14% savings.
  • Burger King #81, Coral Springs, FL: Predicted energy impact from model data showed a 31,069 kWh/year reduction or 30.7% savings for lighting with the P1800 System.

The pilot project at Burger King corporate restaurants showcased the potent impact of Gamut Systems' technology on energy efficiency and operational costs. With significant reductions in energy consumption and streamlined operational processes, the initiative illustrates the potential for scalable energy management solutions across the fast-food industry.

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