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Why Gamut?

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Centralize your control.

Look into all your sites from one location.  You can even set schedules across your portfolio and monitor  cooler / freezes / space temps. Our 24/7 support keeps customers comfortable without having employees have access to change set points.


Shopping Centers

Shine a Light on Savings

We're at the forefront of energy-efficient lighting management, overseeing the lighting systems of more than 500 shopping centers across the nation. Our approach is simple yet profoundly effective: we ensure that lights are turned off during daylight hours. 

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Convenience Stores

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Refrigeration, Lighting and HVAC make up the majority of your utility bill. Let Gamut help reduce what you expect is a fixed monthly cost. This is an automatic way to increase your monthly profit. At the same time have the ability to set and maintain set-point in all your stores from any where.

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Reduce energy waste.

On average 50% of Retail spaces utility bill is spent on Lighting and HVAC. A Profile panel is a low cost solution to reduce up to 25% off your energy usage. One day installation, 24/7 support team to setup schedules and lockout local overrides.  Rest easy knowing you are done wasting money on energy.

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Learn About Our Business

At Gamut Systems & Solutions, an affiliate of MCI, we started on a journey to transform the world of billboard lighting with our innovative approach. Our founders quickly realized the vast potential of wireless technology and channeled this insight into creating a diverse product line. Today, we offer a suite of wireless control and monitoring devices that empower thousands of customers across North America with smart, efficient solutions.

Gamut is dedicated to advancing the capabilities of affordable wireless solutions. We strive to enhance operational efficiency for our clients and provide cost-effective control, ensuring our customers are always a step ahead.


1733 University Commercial Pl
Charlotte, NC 28213


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