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Powerful peace of mind

Product Features

  • 7 Day programmable with holiday/event scheduling; multiple schedule feature available

  • No moving parts to wear out or break

  • Control & Monitoring Capabilities

  • Unaffected by power outages, no need for reprogramming

  • Automatic alerts available via phone, email, or text

  • Manual Override Buttons on units

  • Customization to achieve the specific goals of each customer

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Web Interface

  • Real Time operating status of site information

  • Scheduling and set point adjustments made instantly via the web

  • User friendly with no special training required to operate

  • Read-Write and/or Read-Only Access for approved authorized contacts

  • Access to trending reports and charts; customization and exportable

  • Access to historical data for all points

  • No Software to purchase or update

  • Access Maintenance Logs

Technical Support

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Live Customer Technical Support based at Gamut  Headquarters

  • Assistance with scheduling and set point adjustments over the phone or via the web.

  • Assistance with technical troubleshooting, ordering information, and logistical information

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Project Management

  • Turn Key Services available for All Solutions

  • Quick Installation / Seamless to your operations

  • Training available for On-site Product, Web Interface User, and Installation

  • Custom & Specialized Engineering

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